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  • Your dog loves you, unconditionally

    TV Vet Dr Scott Miller talks to distinguished guests about their lives and how, in some way, their relationship with dogs has shaped who they are. Buckle up, things are about to get emotional!

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  • Dr Scott Miller

    Veterinary Surgeon & Host

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New episodes every Thursday

  • #5: Magical Medical Noses: dogs that detect cancer and more

    Dr Scott speaks to the Dr Claire Guest, CEO of Medical Support Dogs, a charity that trains dogs to detect cancers and help make their owners' lives more safe. Cofruition // Intro music credits: ""That's My Boy"" by David Francisco (Ep 2) //"

    Total duration34:32


  • #4: Meet the Infurrluencers - Part 2 (Influencer Parents)

    In this second part of Meet Infurrluencers Dr Scott meets real life American hero, Kevin Bubolz and his limelight stealing TikTok doggo - Ellie. From piloting helicopters for the U.S. Army to posting on social media, Kevin gives Dr Scott the inside story how Ellie became a global star. Dr Scott also meets hugely successful businessman and Instafamous master, Dave Enders who runs 5 doggo Instagram accounts with millions of followers between them!  If you want the inside scoop and top tips from the folks at the top of their influrrluencing game then do not miss this episode! ------------  Sponsored by Front of the Pack - dog supplements led by love, backed by science.  Learn more at Thank you to Cofruition Intro music credits: "That's My Boy" by David Francisco // Episode 2

    Total duration35:15


  • #3: Meet the Infurrluencers - Part 1 (The Dog Agency)

    Instafamous pooches and TikTok tail-waggers are taking the world by storm. In this first part of two episodes Dr Scott meets Bangers & Mash, a pet influencer agency that that works with some of the worlds biggest brands and canine aristocracy, to get their tips on how to be the next big star. ------------   Sponsored by Front of the Pack - dog supplements led by love, backed by science. Learn more at Thank you to Cofruition

    Total duration32:00


  • #2: How an American Idol's rescue dog helped him overcome paralysis

    The musician David Francisco rescued Mason as a puppy when he was just a few weeks old. The two were inseparable and Mason even sat in David's rucksack as he cycled around Nashville, Missy. One afternoon though, David's life was to change forever... Oli Juste Thank you to Cofruition

    Total duration36:05


  • #1: Dr Scott's unconditional love story for Betty

    Welcome to Unconditional Love Stories!    Practicing Vet, TV personality and host of Unconditional Love Stories Dr Scott Miller made the front pages in August 2020 when on live TV he opened up about the loss of his beloved pooch Betty.  In this episode Scott speaks to Ordained Animal Chaplain Kaleel Sakakeeny. They talk about about Betty, the grief and loss of losing a beloved pet, and were both able to really open up about what our animals mean to us.  In this powerful introductory episode we get to the heart of what Unconditional Love Stories is all about and also grab a sneak peek on what to expect in the weeks ahead as Dr Scott talks to Hollywood royalty, actual royalty and many many more guests about that experience of unconditional love that unites us as pet parents. ------------ Thank you to Cofruition

    Total duration18:42


  • Unconditional Love Stories Trailer

    Welcome to Unconditional Love Stories! Sponsored by Front of the Pack - dog supplements led by love, backed by science. Learn more at

    Total duration02:16


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